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Anvil’s pandemic recovery guide aiding organisations in their return to the workplace

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Anvil Group has published a Return to the Workplace guide which walks organisations through the considerations needed to get their people safely back into the workplace and feeling confident about travelling again. 

The guide leads global organisations through the many factors they will need to take into account including:

  • Monitoring and real-time alerts concerning the global distribution of Covid-19 cases
  • Global monitoring of related international and domestic travel restrictions and other issues affecting business travel and operations
  • Occupational health guidance and workplace health & safety risk assessments
  • PPE advice and equipment requirements, including Covid-19 testing
  • Ongoing mental health and psychological support and programmes for the workforce

Anvil’s Group Managing Director, Matthew Judge: “In these exceptionally challenging times, we’re now encouraged to see organisations preparing to return to travel and certain workplaces, albeit in a very different way. As part of our commitment to support businesses through the ‘Returning to the Workplace’ journey, our pandemic recovery solutions guide assists organisations in navigating this journey safely and with confidence.”

In addition to the more immediate practical concerns, in the coming months and years, the role of occupational health and occupational wellness advice is going to be a vital one across all sectors. The consequences of Covid-19 and employers’ responses to it will be an enduring issue for many members of the workforce.

Matthew Judge continues: “A safe working environment is a cornerstone of protecting the health of the workforce. In most sectors, robust regulatory and professional frameworks already exist for the protection of staff exposed to major hazards, including pathogens. We would not expect workers such as firefighters to enter a burning building without the appropriate breathing apparatus or nuclear plant engineers to operate without adequate protection. Risk to Covid-19 exposure needs to be mitigated in the same way. Employers taking responsibility for ensuring a healthy workplace will be a key factor in creating a resilient workforce.”

Already providing a wide range of pandemic recovery solutions, Anvil has also developed an online resource centre for information regarding Covid-19. The portal includes updates and health information from global health organisations, guidance from Anvil’s own in-house team of experts, and foreign and domestic travel information and advice.

The travel advice section of the portal, which covers every country around the world where travel restrictions or other conditions are in effect, is updated twice a week by Anvil’s team of global analysts. It’s believed to be the most up-to-date central source of information regarding domestic and international travel and localised restrictions available.

The guide and additional pandemic information can be found on our Covid-19 information portal. Click here to visit the site.

Anvil Group - Covid-19 Return to the Workplace Guide