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Anvil’s 12-Step process for a return to business travel

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Returning to travel in a Covid-19 world.

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As we take tentative steps towards a return to business travel, there are obviously numerous challenges still to be overcome. Although these challenges will be with us for some time, by following a set of logical steps and ensuring that the right processes and checks in are in place, most of these challenges are surmountable.

To this end, Anvil has developed a 12-step plan to help organisations considering a return to business travel navigate the complex Covid-19 situation.

The 12-step plan is designed to be used from the point at which a decision to travel has been made, and helps steer organisations through the 12 key pre, active and post-trip considerations that will need to be undertaken.

The steps are not designed to help organisations decide whether or not they wish to return to travel on a company level, but to assist with the due diligence that will now need to form a fundamental part of any pre-trip authorisation process.

These same steps are applicable for most types of global mobility and international assignments, whether short-term or longer-term.

Having the right measures in place should enable many organisations to return to travel in some form, and to maintain a duty of care for the health, safety and wellbeing of their employees whilst doing so.

Download your copy of Anvil’s latest advisory, including the 12-step plan here.

Return to Travel Webinar

If you missed Anvil’s recent webinar “Travel Risk Management in a Covid-19 World: A Return to Travel” hosted by Matthew Judge, Group Managing Director, Anvil Group and Julia Onslow-Cole, Partner in Global Government Strategy and Compliance at Fragomen, it’s available to view on demand via Anvil’s Covid-19 website here.