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Anvil to host interactive session at the ITM Risk Summit

Anne-Marie Fast

Matthew Judge 2017

At this year’s Institute of Travel Management Risk Summit, Matthew Judge will be leading an interactive session that will challenge Travel Managers to really put their current risk management knowledge to the test. 

Collectively working through four real-life travel scenarios, attendees will consider which aspects of each trip could pose a risk to the traveller and what tactics should be employed to mitigate those risks.

After the exercise, Matthew will reveal the actual outcomes of each trip and describe the best way to approach them all from a risk management perspective.

Risk Management and Duty of Care continue to occupy the top slots in the business travel priority list. With so many triggers for risk in the world of travel management, having a robust travel risk strategy has never been more crucial. 

At this year’s Risk Summit, Matthew and other leading experts will be exploring the latest geopolitical, safety and cyber security topics challenging the way organisations do business including: 

  • The pending impact of Brexit on travel programme management
  • Protecting the wellbeing of travellers
  • Mitigating risk in travel programming
  • Cyber risk when travelling

The event is being held in London, 21 March 2019. For tickets and further information visit the ITM site.

Matthew Judge 2017