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Considerations for your Travel Safety Policy

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Does your travel policy incorporate sections to deal with travel safety?

If not, best practice is to develop a dedicated travel safety policy and link it to other internal policies.

Ensure you involve the correct company stakeholders from security, risk, HR, travel, events, IT, insurance and occupational health. Obtain board level buy-in to drive compliance.

Travel Safety Policy Checklist:

  • What is the scope of the policy? i.e. a global policy will cover all business-related travel and all modes of travel, domestic or international.
  • Who does the policy apply to? i.e. all employees and the families of employees travelling on company business.
  • Stipulate/mandate that all employees must book their business travel and accommodation through the company’s designated travel management companies.
  • Mandate that employees must have a traveller profile, which should include their email address, mobile phone number and unique staff ID number if available.
    • The travel booker’s contact information is no use in a crisis or major security event.
  • Be aware of insurance policy requirements and benefit limits.
    • Medical Benefits
    • Legal Benefit
    • Personal Accident and Liability
    • Kidnap for Ransom or Hostage
    • Political Evacuation
    • Any One Accident (concern for large scale corporate events)
  • Stipulate where employees can find pertinent security, medical and vaccination advice for destination countries or syndicate information directly to them by email.
  • State what the traveller should do if they experience an emergency situation. Do you offer a 24/7 global assistance helpline?
  • Maintain a list of high risk countries and destinations where authorisation from senior management is required before travel.
  • Do not allow the TMC to issue tickets until approved.
  • Design and apply a process to monitor, maintain and update authorised travel destinations in response to emerging threats, such as:
    • Health
    • Crime
    • Terrorism
    • Severe weather
    • Political Instability
    • Social Unrest
  • Accumulation Risk
    • Number of board members permitted to travel on the same flight
    • Number of department heads permitted to travel on the same flight
    • Total number of employees permitted to travel on the same flight
  • Communication Protocols
    • What should the traveller expect in the event of a major incident?
    • How will it happen? (email, SMS, phone)
    • Scheduled calls?