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Reviewing your traveller tracking solution? Here are the key questions you should be asking.

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Today there seems to be a plethora of suppliers offering traveller tracking solutions in different guises. On the surface they may seem to offer many similar features but, in reality, they can differ greatly in their underlying functionality and capability. 

Even if you’ve been reassured by a supplier that their solution ticks all the boxes from a technical perspective, before you make a final decision, step back and remind yourself of your key objectives.

Providing the necessary duty of care for your employees requires far more than simply being able to locate them on a map.  When incidents occur, or are likely to occur, being able to account for your people and provide the necessary assistance is important but understanding and being able to mitigate against risk in the first place is an essential component of any truly effective travel risk management programme.

It’s also important to think beyond the needs of your international travellers. When considering any tracking solution, consider whether it can also look after the requirements of others under your duty of care remit, including domicile workers, domestic travellers, expatriates and contractors. A comprehensive tracking solution should be able to cater for the needs of all of your personnel, whomever and wherever they may be.

Don’t be afraid to put suppliers in the spotlight

You’ll undoubtedly have your own organisational priorities and your own set of questions when evaluating any potential system and provider. In order to find the solution best suited to your organisation, don’t settle for the standard sales pitch and don’t be afraid to ask some probing questions. A good provider will welcome questions and will happily take the time to provide comprehensive and honest answers.

It’s important to remember that any review undertaken should focus on providing you with solid answers to the following:

  • Does the system provide the full functional capability that you require?
  • Is it built on a stable technology platform that you can depend on?
  • Can it be configured to match your specific operating requirements or will it force you to compromise?
  • Is it intuitive and will it encourage engagement and compliance throughout your organisation?
  • Is it truly future proof? If your requirements change, can the system evolve with you?

And potentially most importantly…

  • Does the provider instil in you the absolute trust you need in order for you to rely on them for the safety and security your people?

 Although it may feel like a time consuming process, finding answers to these questions will prove more than worthwhile when you find the traveller tracking system that truly works for you, your travellers and your organisation.

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve created a comprehensive guide including the obvious (and not so obvious) questions that you should be asking about any traveller tracking system and its provider.

Access you copy of the guide at