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Travel Safety Policy Checklist

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Understanding and mitigating risk is extremely important for travelling employees, their families and their employers.

Even companies with a good track record in safety and security may have some gaps in securing the wellbeing of their employees. While each gap in itself might seem small, oversights could be perceived as negligence. Potential gaps include:

  • Travel policy omits safety and security altogether
  • Policy treats senior level management differently than other employees
  • Company fails to inform and educate their travellers on general and specific travel risks
  • Company does not document when they have advised employees on travel safety
  • Travel security program focuses on high-risk foreign travel rather than including domestic travel (especially those trips not booked via the travel agency)
  • Safety and security is not part of travel procurement criteria
  • Risk assessment does not use a door-to-door approach and thus ignores such factors as the trip to the airport in an employee’s own car or the transfer to the hotel after a long-haul flight
  • Company does not test its crisis management plan regularly
  • Company does not have a dedicated, fully-mapped travel risk management strategy