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Cybersecurity: gold-standard steps for business travellers

Becky Malcolm


In this Business Travel News Europe article, Anvil Group IT Director Peter Davies talks about ways to improve cybersecurity for travellers.

With warnings issued recently that foreign workers in Ukraine should carry satellite phones – which can still function in the event of a cyber-attack on mobile networks – the need for organisations to plan comprehensive business traveller cybersecurity strategies is becoming ever starker.

Criminals, state interests, cyberterrorists and political 'hacktivists' are all potentially interested in the contents of business travellers' digital devices, according to Peter Davies, IT director for the travel risk management services provider Anvil Group.

Fortunately, organisations can take plenty of steps to improve cybersecurity for their travellers. Perhaps the most fundamental is to make travellers aware.

“As a traveller you have more risk. Your attack surface is much wider. Whatever assets you carry on portable devices are easier to acquire, whether electronically or by stealing, and the counter-measures you can put in place are fewer. In a network environment you can have lots of tools to warn someone is trying to break through your firewalls. We still have some technology that will help us, but we’re more at risk because the infrastructure we’re connecting to isn’t completely under our control,” Davies says.

Davies also urges companies to remind travellers to deploy biometric security features such as facial recognition or thumbprints. “A device with more security on it is more likely to be handed in because most people can’t get access to the data anyway, so it’s no use to them,” he says. “But mainly you’re buying time. You’re delaying malicious actors gaining access to whatever’s on that device.”

The full article is available here 

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