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News 8 November, 2022 Back

Dr Juliane Kause addresses ITIC Global: on solutions to increasing healthcare costs

Becky Malcolm

Everbridge's Chief Medical Officer Dr Juliane Kause speaking at ITIJ Conference 2022

Everbridge's Chief Medical Officer, Dr Juliane Kause, spoke at the recent ITIC: International Travel & Health Insurance Conferences Global event in Athens on solutions to increasing healthcare costs.

Her session covered a wide range of topics such as corporate wellness efforts – are they just a marketing tactic, or do they deliver measurable results?

She and her fellow panelists also addressed cost drivers in IPMI and how these can be mitigated, occupational health and pre-travel medical screening, and the potential for cost savings and better treatment through the use of second medical opinion services.

Read the article in full on the ITIJ website


Everbridge Assist were proud sponsors of the ITIJ Marketing Campaign of the Year category, Dr Juliane Kause presented the trophy at the ITIJ Award ceremony, hosted at the conclusion of the annual ITIC Global conference.


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