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Everbridge Assist - one-call medical and security service

Becky Malcolm

Everbridge Assist

One of the biggest concerns for any organization’s HR, Security and Travel teams is the safety of its employees.

From occupational travel health services to comprehensive medical and security assistance, we have it covered.


Keeping people safe can be challenging, especially as more employees adopt remote and hybrid work across many geographies (including field service workers) and undertake travel as part of their role.

To ensure employee safety and fulfil their duty of care, business leaders must understand how to protect employees, and their wellness, wherever they work or travel.

Everbridge Assist™ ensures organizations can operate wherever business takes them, safe in the knowledge that their people have access to the best possible care, with our uniquely connected approach to providing international assistance and (travel) health services including:
  • Global Medical Assistance
  • Global Security Assistance
  • Occupational Health Services
  • Travel Assistance Programs
Delivering these services through a trusted provider such as Everbridge helps create a more productive workforce, greater enterprise resilience and better business results.

Everbridge Assist™ is a globally operating one-call medical, security and assistance service designed to embrace any event that could impact the health, safety or wellbeing of a corporate traveler, lone worker or expatriate. We provide a seamless response to every incident, supported by a multilingual team of highly qualified first responders and clinical professionals in our global risk management center, assistance teams on-the-ground and our worldwide risk monitoring and traveler tracking technology. From occupational travel health services to comprehensive medical and security assistance, we have it covered.

Aside from maintaining compliance, fostering a safe, secure and healthy workforce is a win-win for employees and employers alike.

As the global leader in CEM solutions, Everbridge helps organizations keep people safe and organizations running, faster. This combination with Anvil positions Everbridge as the only provider of an end-to-end, full lifecycle solution for organizations to manage all aspects of a critical event and fulfill their Duty of Care for traveling employees, remote workers, and those who have returned to the office.

We have it covered - Download the kit