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Matthew Judge, VP International – Travel Risk Management at Everbridge, discusses ISO guidance in The Company Dime

Becky Malcolm

The Company Dime

Distributed Work, New ISO Guidance Shapes Travel Risk Management’s Next Steps

Article written by David Jonas on June 2, 2022

As businesses send their people back on the road in growing numbers, there’s a lot for travel managers and travelers to remember about risk prevention, mitigation and response. 

This requires a multidisciplinary approach as part of what some experts describe as people risk management, an evolution from traditional travel risk management. 

"Systems integration across departments can help expand the scope of a travel risk platform. That’s happening more often as organizations pull together cross-functional teams, said Matthew Judge, managing director at The Anvil Group, owned by Everbridge. “Where you see those departments converge, you are now seeing investment in the technology and the tools to support the convergence, the resilience for hybrid workforces and risk committees,” he said. “They want tools that are scalable.” 

Find out what else Judge and other industry experts had to say - and where the ISO comes into play - by reading the full The Company Dime article.  


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