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Anvil’s Covid-19 screening supports official OH guidelines

Anne-Marie Fast

A recent consensus statement published by Public Health England, has outlined how best to mitigate occupational risks for employees, including identification of those with increased vulnerability to COVID-19 infection.

The consensus statement from Public Health England (PHE), Faculty of Occupational Medicine (FOM) and Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reiterates the importance and responsibility of employers to carry out individual risk assessments for all employees, as part of an overarching risk management strategy.

The consensus statement clarifies how “it is the employers’ duty to manage risk in the workplace. Employers have a legal duty to protect all workers from harm by delivering workplace risk management for all staff, regardless of ethnicity or diversity. In this case, an equitable approach recognises that staff may have a variety of baseline risks (for example, their age, sex, deprivation, obesity and diabetes) and, where appropriate, this needs to be considered in the workplace risk management discussion.”

It goes on to explain how “some workers may require, or seek, health assessment and advice in relation to work. This is often initially with their general practitioner whose opinion may be communicated by the worker to their employer, often as certification. For a small number of workers, assessment by an Occupational Health (OH) practitioner who has specific knowledge of the workplace is necessary. Access to an OH service is usually arranged by the employer. Occupational health assessments should be supported by a standardised individual clinical risk assessment tool to support mitigation for individuals in the workplace.”

As part of Anvil’s Occupational Health service provision, we routinely carry out comprehensive Health Risk Assessments and screening, designed to promote and protect the physical and mental health of our clients’ employees. These assessments provide recommendations relating to employees’ fitness for deployment or a return to work and appropriate measures to mitigate against any health risks identified, including those specifically related to Covid-19.

We also provide technical guidance for organisations seeking to review their Occupational Health provision to ensure it meets recognised global standards and best practice in maintaining employee wellbeing. Our Occupational Health services allow organisations to comply with the guidance laid out in the recent consensus statement from Public Health England.

Anvil’s Occupational Health Services

Anvil provides a range of occupational health services that can help organisations navigate these difficult times and support their teams 24/7, wherever they are located. Our services include:

  • Pandemic and public health advice
  • Return to work / operations restart planning
  • GP consultations and mental health counselling via telemedicine and video appointments
  • Emotional support and wellbeing programmes
  • Health risk assessments
  • Medical emergency response plans

For further information on any of the Anvil Group services or guidance on how to address the longer-term concerns or implications of the current pandemic, please contact us directly via

Full details of the consensus statement from PHE, HSE and FOM can be found here.