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Operational resilience in turbulent environments - a panel discussion

Anne-Marie Fast

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In today’s fraught landscape of advanced physical risks, cyber attacks and people safety issues – it’s more important than ever to ensure your organisation’s operational resilience, and recognise that digital and physical environments are becoming inextricably connected.

In this on-demand webinar, industry experts from Anvil and Everbridge discuss the key elements relating to people, safety and cyber-physical security for organisations operating in turbulent environments. They also touch on topics such as risk intelligence, situational awareness, managing cyber-physical attacks, supply chain impacts and how to ensure total operational resilience when a critical event or crisis occurs.

Presented as a panel discussion, the speakers are :
Tracy Reinhold - VP, Chief Security Officer, Everbridge
Matthew Judge - Group Managing Director, The Anvil Group, an Everbridge company
Jeremy Capell - VP, Chief Information Security Officer, Everbridge
Kirsty Grant (host) - Marketing Director, Public Safety, Everbridge   

You can view the webinar on demand here.



Navigating through the security risks of operating internationally involves a higher level of complexity. It means having specialised access to expertise in the intricacies of business risk and resilience, along with best-in-class technology to remain constantly aware, updated and alerted with global intelligence.

Anvil and Everbridge's operational resilience solutions provide a broad and deep view of current and potential risk to your global operations. Our solutions enable you to confidently assess, advise and act in any situation of heightened threat, and create policies to mitigate risk before it even occurs.

If you’d like more information on how to keep your organisation resilient, speak with one of our expert team directly on +44(0)20 7938 4221 (UK) or +1 (813) 514-6276 (US) or email