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The vital role of occupational travel health in individual and organisational resilience

Anne-Marie Fast

At last month's ITIC Global 2021, the international travel and health insurance conference, Anvil's Chief Medical Officer, Juliane Kause spoke about health risks when travelling and the importance of assessment and planning

In a highly informative session, Kause spoke about the effects of health on work and work on health, and highlighted how the pandemic has negatively affected people’s mental health, potentially triggering issues such as depression and anxiety. She explained that the number of staff being signed off work due to mental health issues has dramatically increased since the pandemic started.

She also talked about the importance of medical screening to assess the physical, mental, and emotional health of would-be travellers, through to supporting travellers who develop physical and psychiatric illnesses, and the importance of promoting general wellness and emotional wellbeing to a travelling population.

She went on to discuss how ‘COVID-19 has redefined the definition of essential business travel’, and how information, education and training should be used as tools in risk reduction for the business travel industry.

Read the full session write up here 

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ITIC (International Travel and Health Insurance Conference) Global was held in Madrid last month. As the travel and health insurance industry continues to adapt at pace, keeping connected to industry peers and partners has never been more crucial. With an agenda full of inspiring speakers, interactive sessions and networking opportunities, the event delivered five days of expert insights, thought-provoking discussion and unrivalled networking.